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{November 22, 2012}   Starting Out….

I began my journey to more frugal living back in 2011.  My husband and I were both bringing home decent paychecks, but after watching a certain television show, I just knew I could save us some money.  That was the beginning of my couponing adventure.
This is not the first attempt I’ve made at saving money.  Several years ago, I tried the Organized Home system and Once a Month Cooking, only to fall off the programs after a short time (that was a good year – Christmas was bought with cash and wrapped by August!)  Then we did the Dave Ramsey thing for a while – but someone kept getting in the envelopes.

Something about that show, and the coupons, caught my eye.

This is the one thing that has worked for me so far.  I’ve added some things to couponing over the past year or so, and it really has made a difference.

I was playing around on Facebook the other night and a friend from back home asked about putting coupons on her SmartPhone (talk about 2 of my favorite things!)  I shared some of what I’ve learned with her, different websites and tricks.  I realized after a few posts that 1) I should’ve just emailed her, and 2) she’s not the 1st person I’ve talked to about frugal living.  And so this blog has been born.

Of course, I’m on Thanksgiving Break right now, so I have time to do a little blogging.  Please don’t be surprised if my posts are few and far between while school is in session.  I have some ideas and am always looking for more, so feel free to share.

Welcome to my journey!



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