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{December 12, 2012}   Sew What? (reprint)


My great-grandmother was a beautiful seamstress.  Her daughter cranks out quilts like a machine. My mom can whip up suits, formal gowns, and quilts like a pro. Me? I’m doing something special to sew a seam.

My grandmother taught me to backstitch, sew a button, and make minor repairs.  I never did learn to use a pattern or make a button hole.

My husband bought me a sewing machine one newly married Christmas.  I hemmed curtains,  made a few pillows, sewed a Christmas stocking. And I was done.

My sewing machine died on me a while back.  My stepmom, unable to thread a needle any longer, has passed hers on to me.

With the piles of fabric I’ve accumulated over the years, my little girl wanted a yellow skirt. I googled for easy patterns and found a 15 minute skirt. Of course, I pressed everything first to give myself guides, and it took longer than 15 minutes.

The seams aren’t all straight and it’s a little too big but I’m proud of my project. I’d love to take lessons. Who has the time?


So this was a project from last summer.  And I think it may have been that long since the sewing machine has been out.  However, I found the cutest pattern for reusable shopping totes and I thought that may be a good use of some scrap fabric – and maybe a cheap Christmas project since my new alternator ate my holiday bonus.

I’d love to focus on a different project each day.  I think to schedule it would be the only way I’d ever find time to craft at all.  And making things yourself saves a bunch of money!

~ Katie


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