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{December 27, 2012}   Cleaning Up Christmas

I woke with a terrible sore throat Saturday with tons left to do!  Some projects were left incomplete until late Christmas Eve.  Some gift were thrown in recycled gift bags on the way out the door Christmas Day.  The North Pole vomited in my kitchen and living room Christmas morning this year.  And when we finally arrived home after celebrating with the in-laws, I settled in for a thirteen-hour nap.

Yesterday, I went to pick up the blue lemon from the Toyota dealership.  While there, I test-drove another, newer one, with many fewer miles on it.  Unfortunately, that purchase would have caused my monthly note to jump about $100, which is unacceptable during my quest for cheaptitude.  I walked away with few regrets.

Thankfully, it was an awkward shade of green, making it easier to squeeze lemonade from my vehicular situation.

Today, I took the monkeys to use their pizza gift cards at a local restaurant before (surprise, surprise) taking Monkey 2 to practice being a tree in a play (ok, I’m not exactly sure WHAT her role is, just that she doesn’t talk much, obviously cast against type.)  After dropping her at the playhouse, I took Monkey 1 to register for martial arts instruction at a school close by our house.  I took a call from the GSM at the Toyota place, trying to talk me into LEASING a Camry and increase my note $60/month – not happening.  Then it was time to pick up my tree, I mean, little monkey.

So Christmas is not yet put away.

On top of my house still being decked with boughs of holly, it could stand a thorough cleaning.  I love a good list, so that is what I’m doing today and tomorrow I’ll start checking it twice.

Kitchen Checklist

  • Wash and put up dishes
  • Clean the countertops
  • Straighten/sort cabinets
  • Clean top and outside fridge
  • Clean inside fridge and freezer – update inventory!
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Put holiday dishes/linens away

Living Room Checklist

  • Dust furniture, fan, fixtures, and frames
  • Put kids’ crap belongings away
  • Return holiday decor to storage totes – attic
  • Deal with paper monster on my desk – i.e. pay bills
  • Fold blankets and put away
  • Straighten built-in
  • Sweep/Mop floor
  • Replace Wii remote

Kids’ Bath Checklist

  • Dust surfaces
  • Clean mirror & fixtures
  • Clean countertops
  • Straighten cabinets
  • Clean tub/shower
  • Clean toilet – make Monkeys take that on?
  • Sweep/mop floor

Hall(s) Checklist

  • Dust shelves & decorative items
  • Wipe down walls/door frames
  • Straighten closets
  • Sweep/mop floors

I think that covers it all.  I really think I can break these lists down and involve the monkeys – except Monkey 1 is too attached to his new electronics and Monkey 2 has more tree practicing tomorrow.  It’s not like I have anything tough on the lists, like the bedrooms (mine is bad now, too.)  I just have to figure out how to get family buy-in. Hide the iWasteTimes under some dirty clothes, maybe? Disconnect the WiFi till the house is clean?

Suggestions are welcome if they’re positively stated!






jeepnmom says:

I have decided that the only way to get it done, and the way I want it, is to let the monkeys hibernate with the electronic Christmas vomit and do it myself. I’ve decided that having them involved in the maintenance is more important than having them help with the organization. But if you find a way to make it (them) work for you….I would love to know how! 🏡 Good luck!

katiebman says:

I’m telling you, I’m going to hide the electronics and turn off the WiFi. It would probably be easier and quicker just to do it myself, but I will not be here forever to scoop up after them.

katiebman says:

Bec, Mrs. Gail (aka Mother Earth) makes some really good points. Audrey isn’t allowed to marry either of your boys till they learn to pick up after themselves 🙂 Seriously, mine will be helping me around the house tomorrow.

jeepnmom says:

Lol Katie! Long distance arranged marriages rarely work out!

Gail Canty says:

Methinks your list is overly ambitious for one person. I truly think you need a “Mom needs your help, today” talk. Your kids are big now but still little enough to control. It will be what you make of it. I would not clean their bathroom, bedrooms or pick their crap up from the family living area. Things were always done for the family good before personal wants were attended to in our house.
I do have to say, we raised very terrific responsible adults.

katiebman says:

You make very good points, as always, Mrs. Gail! No toe-stepping at all. I believe the electronics will be on restriction until things are picked up tomorrow. I don’t ask for perfection, but I won’t be cleaning up after them forever, so they need to do their part. And really, if I keep Monkey 2 with me so she can chatter away, she’s pretty helpful. Monkey 1 will take some work lol

Gail Canty says:

I guess the biggest deal is that this is the time they will learn their life skills. No bride wants an indulging mom to hand over a man that has never learned anything about daily maintaining of common living space. Women are not full time homemakers anymore though I know several young women that wish they could give it a shot!

So, now is the time to teach kiddos how to clean a bathroom that is not embarrassing when the boss comes to dinner! just my 2 cents (for what that’s worth)

katiebman says:

I wish I could give it a shot 🙂 A helpless man is definitely not a gift. Monkey 1 knows how to clean a toilet – he volunteers at his Nana’s. Not sure why he isn’t more helpful at home, except that I’ve allowed it till this point.

Gail Canty says:

HAhahaha. Well, Children are not naturally helpful or industrious . They need direction at home just like in school. What percentage of your students would do their work everyday without direction? a small one, i would bet. Of course they would rather play with their phones! Same goes at home except it is easier as you can have a static list of what they must do, unlike school that changes every day.

My eldest DD has no consistency with her sons so they do not know what to expect. Kids don’t do well with grey area expectations.

katiebman says:

True. And we have very consistent routines in my class. I’ve tried the chore lists with the monkeys but haven’t been good enforcing. I’ve also explained to them that the more time I work around the house by myself the less time I have for them. And monkey 2 likes mama time.

Monkey 1 will just have to comply.

They’ll be up soon. I’ll let you know how it works out!

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