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{December 29, 2012}   Reader’s Choice!

To quote my favorite Atlanta Housewife (yes, I’ll admit I watch those shows), EVERYBODY KNOWS I’m always looking for something to write.  Facebook hasn’t garnered much feedback, and I think I’ve handled what feedback I received there (let me know if I didn’t address something you’d like me to!), so I’m taking it to you, the reader.  What should I post next?  Tell me what you want me to write.  Honestly, I’m tired of even thinking about car shopping (that’s how I know I’m under the weather) and have been less than motivated when it comes to much else lately. So, please, my dear readers, inspire and guide me back to the road to cheaptitude. If I write it, I’ll do it, because I’m not going to write what doesn’t work for me.



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