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{February 2, 2013}   Organizing: Schedules (aka Fixing Time mis-Management)

May - Oct 2006 Calendar

Schedules are always an issue at my house.  I loved my calendar last year, but due to my cheaptitude, am using a freebie for 2013.  Not loving it so much.

I write things as I learn about them and somehow it still isn’t working.  I remember a woman I worked with at LifeCare who used a Dayrunner, color-coded, and seemed to be amazingly organized.  My calendar is filled with whatever ink happens to be handy at the time.  Pink Sharpie, anyone?

We’ve been back to school from the Christmas Break for almost a month, and even writing everything on the calendar (for the monkeys and me, anyway), I’m still not under control schedule-wise.  I feel like life is spinning around me.


  • Faculty/Dept. Meetings right after school – Monkeys need to go to PaPaw’s
  • Pool:  Hopefully dinner is ready before Grizzly heads to whatever bar for pool.  I aim for crockpot meals on Mondays but it doesn’t always work out.

So my meetings only occur twice a month and many times I’m home before Monkey 2.  Monkey 1, empowered by karate and an iPhone, wants to come home after school on Mondays.  “I like to spend time with PaPaw and I miss him, but I don’t need a babysitter, M-o-o-o-m.”


  • Running Club:  Monkey 2 loves to run.  “I will go to college like Aunt Janice because I run fast like Aunt Janice,” she tells anyone who will listen.  This starts again in April, I think, so I’ll pick up Monkey 1 from the tutor, pick up Monkey 2 from the Running Club, and head to karate.


  • Math Tutoring:  Monkey 1, ends at 3:15.  Monkey 2 should go to PaPaw’s.  However, she often gets confused and gets on the wrong bus, which is an issue because we live in the same neighborhood but there are 2 buses.  Monkey 1’s Math teacher is having health drama and hasn’t tutored since the break, so we haven’t had to add that back into the schedule!
  • Karate: 4:30-5:30.  No way are we eating dinner by 6!  Thank goodness I don’t have food issues like the Wicked Witch of Texas!  I can get something on the table by 6:30, and Grizzly often trades off with me, which helps.


  • Monkey 1 has PSR at 5:00 (Catholic Sunday School), but Grizzly is liking the physical fitness aspect at karate and is thinking about alternating PSR and karate (6:00) on Wednesdays.


  • Pool:  Grizzly plays on yet another pool team, so he comes home for dinner and heads again to whatever bar.  I spend the evening watching TV with Monkey 2 (we’re big Gold Rush fans!), writing lesson plans, and grading papers.


  • Bunco:  One Saturday a month I play Bunco with some amazing chicks.  I love my SoBo Bunco Babes and have to be nearly on my death-bed in order to call out!

Looking at it like this, my schedule doens’t seem bad at all.  But I still don’t like to drive the blue lemon and honestly, once I’m home, I want to stay home.  I think I would be agorophobic  if I could afford it.  It’s just hard to get everything done.  And do you notice Monkey 2 doesn’t have much going on?

Most everything I have to do is within 5 miles of my house, but my schedule makes me insane.

How do you handle organizing time?

~ Katie


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