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{February 2, 2013}   Organizing: Table Linens

Years ago, my darling husband mentioned to me that he would like us to have cloth napkins once we moved to a nicer house.  Well, we moved to a nicer house, and when my mom came to visit for Christmas , we went to Anna’s Linens and bought table cloths and cloth napkins.  Love love love the pieces we purchased – solid brown, solid cream, sateen stripes to pull them together.  I think there are placemats, too.  (I also have a tablecloth that belonged to my Great-grandmother, but we never use it because I’m terrified it will get messed up!  Isn’t that the point of  tablecloth?  How silly am I?)


Fast-forward 5 years.


I have a tablecloth on the table currently, left over from Bunco night.  It’s one of those flannel-backed, plastic ones from Dollar General.  The linens Mom bought are in a few different places because I haven’t come up with a storage solution that makes me happy.


Till now.


It will require some minor purchasing, which goes against my frugal nature, but I think the dollar store will have what I need.  I think I’ll fold the tablecloths and hang them on pants hangers!  You know, the ones with the flip out arms that hold 5 pairs of slacks?  Then I can just hang them in the front closet.  I’ve even thought of putting the placemats and napkins in gallon zipper bags, hole punching the tops of the bags, and hanging those, too.  I think I have four nice tablecloths these days, so everything could be in one place.  And I’m considering making some more table linens.  (I have an aversion to paper towels, paper napkins, and disposable dishes!)


English: Tablecloth Česky: Ubrus


What is your trick for storing table linens?


~ Katie




Gail Canty says:

Mine are crammed in the cup towel drawer!! Lol! Someday…….

katiebman says:

Mrs. Gail, what is a cup towel? LOL. Mine used to be in a corner hitch, but Nana needs the hutch so I had to unload everything. I think most everything is in the front closet in a basket….

One thing that has really worked for some of my clients is to keep them on the table with napkin rings. I’m not sure if that will work in your case but it makes for a nice table decoration and the napkins actually get used, eliminating the need for storage.

katiebman says:

That is a good idea! But i have extra sets that need storage while not in use. Thanks for the tip!

katiebman says:

What a great tip! That is a good idea – except the ones I’m not currently using will still need storage. Thanks for the great idea!

jeepnmom says:

Why not use the clipped hangers you get from clothing stores? You could use the same basic idea as the pants hanger, just hang the hangers on each other. If you don’t have any of those hangers around, use wire hangers and clothesline clips to hold the napkins.

katiebman says:

Good idea! I rarely have any of those kind of hangers. I’m thinking about taking the slacks hanger from Monkey #1’s closet, since he obviously doesn’t hang his school pants…

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