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{February 5, 2013}   Leftovers: It’s What’s for Dinner!


Monday is usually a crockpot day for me, since I never know what time I’ll be home from my meetings at school.  Today, that just didn’t happen.    It was leftover night in SoBo Mama’s kitchen.

I honestly do not recall what we had Friday for dinner.  Because that is our typical “Go Out to Eat Night,” I think we went to Taco Bell (Monkey 2’s current “restaurant” of choice.)  Saturday, the in-laws wanted to get together, as Mountain Man was heading to Alaska for work, but it really hurts my feelings to spend so much money going out to eat.  I volunteered Grizzly’s grilling expertise, so we were able to stay home.  By the time it was said and done, we probably spent almost as much money as we would have in a fancy pants restaurant, but with an added bonus – leftovers.

So tonight, after picking the Monkeys up from PaPaw, I explored to fridge.  We had ribs, chicken breasts, mystery beans, potato salad, and half of the grown-up grilled cheese I’d had the night before.  Monkey 1, full on spaghetti and hot cocoa (thanks, PaPaw!), complained he wasn’t hungry at all.  I made him a no-thank you helping of beans.  Monkey 2 has a hollow leg these days and wanted beans and a rib.  Of course, she tried to eat the rib with a knife and fork (she is her mommy’s daughter!!) before I explained the special techniques involved in rib-eating.  And Grizzly wasn’t hungry at all (bet he has some of those amazing green beans at the pool hall, big donkey.)

Nobody wanted the chicken but I have some ideas for it!

  • Idea #1 – slice the chicken into strips and wrap in crescent rolls.  I could serve with ranch dressing or wing sauce and some kind of veggies.  Yum!
  • Idea #2 – chop the chicken with my Pampered Chef Chopper (my favorite gadget these days!), boil some pasta, toss with breadcrumbs, garlic, and butter, maybe serving with broccoli.

I’m also thinking about a picnic night later this week to finish off the potato salad and beans.  Maybe Grizzly can grill some hot dogs…..

See, my family is not crazy about leftovers so I have to get creative.  And any time the big guy grills, there are lots of leftovers, as he grills for a small army.  If I’m not creative, my dog is going to get fat!

I’m not sure about the leftover ribs.  I don’t eat meat on the bone and it’s harder for me to get creative.  Any ideas?

Does your family eat leftovers?  What creative ideas do you have?

~ Katie




Gail Canty says:

We very seldom have leftovers unless it is a big pot meal like soup or gumbo. I cook for 3 meals, 2 for us for supper and 1 for John’s lunch the next day. I wish we had leftovers because having to stop from a project and come up with supper is a drag. John will eat anything i put in front of him and say it is good and thank you. So on the rare times we do have extra i usually don’t make it into something else.

I liked your suggestions. they sounded interesting and tasty.

katiebman says:

Thanks! We did the crescent-wraps tonight. Very quick and easy post-karate!

jeepnmom says:

Pull the meat off the ribs and make BBQ pork sandwiches! Best meat in the world for it. And they go great with beans and potato salad! Dress em up a bit and they could’ve the best darn pork sandwiches this side of the Mississippi! Lol!

katiebman says:

Good idea, Bec! I don’t know if they’ll last long enough. Russy’s had some day time at home this week…

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