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{February 5, 2013}   Pinterest Wishes: My Project List

I was reading a blog the other day, looking for an easy napkin pattern, and saw the coolest thing.  This lady had posted her to-do list in her blog, crossing items off as she went.  I like that idea!  Lately, Pinterest has become another of my ever-reproducing to-do lists, but who has time right now? But if I keep it manageable and do-able, maybe it will work.  So here is the beginning of my project list:

My Bathroom:

  • repaint, because the color is ugly and makes me claustrophobic
  • new sink – I like a pedestal sink because honestly, I like the space-savingness of it!

My Bedroom:

  • do something about my nightstand.  I could actually keep some of my crafty junk in there. DONE
  • small table lamp.  I like the idea of reading in my room.  I miss reading!
  • chair.  I bought the cutest “club” chair at Big Lots about a year ago for dirt cheap and it is my favorite piece of furniture.  I’d love to have a chair in my room where I can curl up and read! DONE – Just a folding chair for right now, but it’s a chair, darn it!


  • finish all of the dadgum transition strips
  • touch up the doors
  • do something in the way of wall decor

Monkey Bath:

  • needs a complete overhaul!
  • vanity and mirror
  • remove cabinet – maybe re-purpose in the garage??

Living Room:

  • sort the computer hutch  DONE – Just need to move the desktop to Monkey 2’s room.


  • new table, chairs, linens
  • re-paint walls & cabinets!
  • need a china hutch
  • load up the pantries and freezers!


  • de-junk
  • designate spaces
  • finish kegerator

15 weeks left of school and then I can check a few things off.  I so love a list!


Gail Canty says:

This is a manageable list? Maybe if you own the bank and have a bunch of contractors on retainer! 🙂

katiebman says:

LOL! I can work through it a little at a time. To me this is better than New Year’s Resolutions 🙂

[…] Pinterest Wishes: My Project List […]

[…] Pinterest Wishes: My Project List […]

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