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{February 15, 2013}   If the Aliens Abducted Me….


A pair of homemade sock monkeys.

A pair of homemade sock monkeys. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sometimes I wonder what would happen to Grizzly and the monkeys if something ever happened to me, like I’m abducted by aliens or something.  How on earth would they function?  Their activities are pretty well lined out on the kitchen calendar, so Grizzly could handle that.  But I pay most bills online.  I have set days when I send lunch money to school.  Certain days the monkeys ride the bus to PaPaw’s house and have to have a note.  There are so many things that I do on auto pilot and the more I think about it, the more I realize Grizzly might not know how to run the House of Cheaptitude if I weren’t here.


Because of this, I’m going to dust off my Household Notebook.  My HN is simply a binder with need-to-know information.  It was great as a planner and kept me fairly organized.  It was my best friend about 12 years ago, but it fell out of use after a while – I think because I was trying to make it perfect.  My HN was originally based on the one touted on Organized Home, a site I still love.  But like so many systems in my life, I have to make it my own.  And, by extension, it has to make sense to the rest of the Cheaptitude crew.


Over the past few years, just like coupon organizers, I’ve seen more and more kits for sale.  You might get something cute for your buck, but it seems wasteful when you can find so many freebies.  Or make your own, like I like to do.


So, along with my other organization and crafting projects, I’ll be working on my Household Notebook.  I’m only going to tackle a section at a time, posting the forms I’m using as I go.  Most of the forms will probably be my version of some that are already out there. (Man, I do love a binder!)  Anyone else want to work on this with me?


Let me know if you have an idea for a form you would like me to put together!


Would your significant other be able to run your home if the aliens abducted you?


~ Katie



Gail Canty says:

Paying the bills would certainly be a cause for thought for John. I also pay online and he would flounder around for a while until he got the hang of where the money he makes goes.
As for the house and land, he is a very good housekeeper. I would worry mostly about what he ate because he does not cook.

katiebman says:

Thankfully, Russy is quite the grillmaster. Nobody in our house would starve – but if he can’t figure out the money, they might be eating the squirrels from the backyard 🙂 And on the opposite side, if something happened to Russ, I would get screwed because I am so clueless about the goings on and status of things for his business.

jeepnmom says:

Omg! I never thought about mechanic man needing the inf

jeepnmom says:

Ok. Phone glitch while leaving a comment. I never thought about mechanic man needing the information. Looks like I need to add this to my project list as well.

katiebman says:

I like it because it’s a binder 🙂

[…] If the Aliens Abducted Me…. ( […]

[…] If the Aliens Abducted Me…. ( […]

[…] If the Aliens Abducted Me…. ( […]

[…] If the Aliens Abducted Me…. ( […]

[…] If the Aliens Abducted Me…. ( […]

[…] If the Aliens Abducted Me…. ( […]

[…] If the Aliens Abducted Me…. ( […]

[…] If the Aliens Abducted Me…. ( […]

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