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{February 15, 2013}   Project Time: The Joys of a 3-Day Weekend!

monday morning minis I

monday morning minis I (Photo credit: bornazombie)

Pharmacy Guy likes to poke fun at my 1/2 job, because as a teacher I only work 7:30-2:30, only Monday through Friday, only mid-August through May.  This doesn’t count the fact that I have duty during lunch, parent meetings and phone calls on my planning time, a regular flurry of e-mails from probably 25% of my kids’ parents, papers to grade, lessons and tests and activities to write, professional development (unlike my pharmacy continuing ed, teaching stuff rarely involves dinner and just listening to someone lecture!), dances, and other extracurricular activities.  In fact, that 7-2:30, Monday through Friday, mid-August (getting earlier every year, by the way) through May only covers my actual teaching time!

I really wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Although often frustrating, this is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.  But I sure look forward to the breaks!

Monday is a holiday, which means a three-day weekend for the monkeys and me.  Of course, tonight is Friday, and of course I’ll finish writing lesson plans and grade some papers.  I’ll enter the grades in the online gradebook in the morning because 1) parental phones ring if I put an F in the gradebook and 2) I promised a roomful of parental units in August I would not put grades in after eight at night – so their phones won’t ring.  And tomorrow is Saturday, so I’ll need to straighten the house.  More than straighten, since Monkey 2 apparently invited her new boyfriend over tomorrow.  And it’s a Bunco weekend, so I will not feel like getting out of bed Sunday.

But it’s a three-day weekend!  And I hate to waste a minute.  On top of regular chores, I want to get some projects taken care of.  Here is my plan:

  • Re-vamp the funky stool.  It’s been on my mind since I wrote about it last and now I have time to do it!
  • Re-home some of my scrapbooking.  I cleaned out my nightstand and the bottom is still empty.  I ran out of steam last weekend, apparently.
  • Finish one more project from the closet.  I haven’t decided which one yet, but there are plenty from which to choose.
  • Take a load to Goodwill. I have a multitude of bags collected in the garage, waiting for relocation.

I’m going to attack my computer hutch in the morning after my school stuff is done.  My desktop computer, which I’ve not used in a hot minute, needs to find another place to live.  The computer for Grizzly’s business has been returned and has taken up residence on my kitchen table for the past two weeks – not acceptable.  I serve dinner at my table and that behemoth is in my way.  So, the business computer needs to move to the hutch, and my old desktop computer, I believe, will go to Monkey 2 (Monkey 1 received a computer from Granny-at-the-Farm), which, unfortunately, involves cleaning her room.

Once the computer situation is handled, I may break out the sewing machine.  I really want a new tablecloth and napkins.  And I found a pattern online for some neat-o bags that don’t look terribly hard to make.  actually, I really want to use up my fabric so I can buy some more, truth be told.

Just as I overplan my lessons, I have probably overplanned my weekend.  What’s on your latest to-do list?

~ Katie


katiebman says:

I was going to tell MaMaw last night when Lee Ann beeped in!!

Preciouskidsquilts says:

Goodwill…. It seems the simplest place to unleash our leftovers and unwanted items, doesn’t it? Someone posted the other day that HeadStart takes all kinda of donations to me government requirements. Just thought I would throw the idea out there! 🙂

katiebman says:

Good idea! Goodwill has some convenient locations here, though, and tax receipts – not that I’m greedy, but I can use the breaks.

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