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{February 16, 2013}   You Might Want to Check Your Drawers….

Jeepnmom reads every one of my posts.  How do I know this?  She called me this morning and said it was time to clean out a drawer.

I don’t think that was a project for today.  Only because we’ve been bestest friends for almost 30 years did I do what I was told.

Cleaning out the kitchen drawers is not my favorite thing to do.  They’re convenient, so a lot of junk gets chunked in them. Car House Grandma has the first yellow drawer (or second?).  In the House of Cheaptitude, they’re all junk drawers.

In order to do this and do this right, I needed to have a plan.  Part 1 involves talking to Bec while I work, to make the task less icky.  Part 2 involves cleaning/organizing in order.  I’m starting with a drawer on the end of the kitchen, closest to the utility “room,” and plan to work counter-clockwise around the room till it’s done.

So the first drawer looked like this:

This is the "before" picture.  What a wreck!

This is the “before” picture. What a wreck!

I completely emptied the entire drawer onto my kitchen counter and started sorting.  I’m in disbelief over what all was crammed in that thing.  A multitude of lighters (no wonder I never can find any! They’re in the junk drawers!); enough red pens to get through the rest of the school year; birthday candles for the years 1, 4, 7, as well as some yummy Yankee Candle votives; several utility knives; Shoe Glue; Post-It pads; and so on.  Do you see the disposable camera in the picture?  It’s been a hot minute since I’ve bought one of those!

I made 3 piles: put away, throw away, and donate.  I threw several things away.  All of the tools and oddball nuts/nails found their way to the garage.  The miscellaneous, unidentified keys are on Grizzly’s dresser for him to figure.  Craft supplies (markers and paint) are put away with the craft things.  Votives joined the other candles in my stockpile, an the birthday candles are in a Ziploc in my baking pantry.  I wasn’t sure what to do with the Shoe Glue (I like Gorilla Glue better) so it’s living in the laundry cabinet next to the shoe polish for now.  I added some USB cords to the Goodwill bag and then sorted things that actually belong in that drawer using little baskets.

This is how it looks now:

This is how it looks after my phone call.  Not bad, IMO.

This is how it looks after my phone call. Not bad, IMO.

I didn’t spend a penny to do this, as much as I love shopping for little organizer things. Everything was already on hand!  I think it’ll be more functional after this.  I should be able to find post-its, Scotch tape, and nail clippers when I need to from now on.  I’m almost inspired to tackle another today, but my phone isn’t holding a charge these days…

Do you have “junk drawers” in your home?  How can you better use that real estate?

~ Katie

By the way, Gram’s yellow drawers have not been yellow in my lifetime but it’s still called the yellow drawer.  Go figure.






jeepnmom says:

I’m just trying to keep you on track. That an since I’m injured and on medication in hitch I should not be climbing on stools, I’m bored out of my mind. Be glad I waited as long as I did to call, I’d been watching the clock since 7:30 and trying to remember if we were on the same time or an hour off from each other. And then I couldn’t remember if I would be an hour ahead or behind of you. Lol. The drawer looks awesome! I wish I had more than 2 drawers in my kitchen. Keep up the good work!

katiebman says:

Well, thank you 🙂 You are an hour ahead, but I was up early.

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