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{February 17, 2013}   Household Binder: Section 2 – Contacts

I fondly remember address books.  When I was in middle school and high school, I used different address books for my family, friends, and a service organization to which I belonged.  It’s been years since I maintained an actual flip-the pages address book, though.  When Grizzly and I first bought a computer, I utilized an address book program in Microsoft Works.  Then, in an effort to digitize me, he bought me a Palm Pilot for Christmas one year (found it yesterday in the computer hutch).  Now, my handy-dandy (actually, it’s in pretty rough shape right now) DROID is my go-to for everything.  The monkeys have to hit the “memory” button on the house phone to call any of the grandparents, and Grizzly can’t recall a number to save his soul, I think.  Many times he’ll ask me to call someone because only one of us has the number.

As I re-vamp my binder, I realize how many of the details I used to keep there reside now in my cell phone.  This is good, because who wants to tote a binder with them everywhere?  Besides me?  But last night was an example of how I need to keep up with numbers outside of my DROID. (My phone would not turn on and stay on at Bunco, one of our players was ill, and I needed to call my BFF, whose number I do not memorize,  to sub.  It didn’t work out.  We ghosted the missing girl the rest of the night.)

My binder chore activity today is Section 2, The Phone.  This will help Grizzly and the monkeys if I’m not home to give them a number off the top of my head.  What information will go in the section?  Any number we might need to know!

  • family
  • friends
  • numbers Grizzly and I need for work – employees, subs
  • phone numbers for activities – church, karate, bunco
  • services – repairmen, utilities, etc.  I actually have some business card pages from the last time I kept up with my binder.   They were inexpensive, hold 10 cards to a page, and fit perfectly in the binder.
  • restaurant info & takeout menus – because we do so much dining out (NOT!)
  • anything scribbled on a scrap – Monkey 2 has misplaced her boyfriend’s phone number
  • anything important on the house phone caller id
  • phone message forms

I think that’s everything.  Do you think I missed something?

Are you tackling a management binder, too?

~ Katie

Frequently Called Kids Friends Numbers

Frequently Called Numbers

Frequently Called Numbers to Add

Frequently Called Restaurants & Takeout

Frequently Called Services

Phone Messages

Phone Numbers


[…] Household Binder: Section 2 ( […]

[…] Household Binder: Section 2 ( […]

[…] Household Binder: Section 2 ( […]

[…] Household Binder: Section 2 ( […]

[…] Household Binder: Section 2 ( […]

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