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{February 18, 2013}   Household Binder: Section 4 – the Fam

Section 4 in my binder is Family.  Family is the center of my world (even when it seems like school is!) and it is the heart of my binder.  This is where all the miscellaneous hodge podge about Grizzly and the Monkeys needs to be found.

I need to keep a master list of special occasions.  Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  Seems like a duplicate of a page from my planner but this will be a permanent list, instead of yearly.  This will ensure I don’t ask MaMaw and PaPaw to monkey-sit on their anniversary.

I need a personal information page for each member of the House of Cheaptitude, including the four-legged furball.  Birthdays, allergies, basic likes/dislikes, etc.  As well as I think I know my family, they do surprise me occasionally.  I will also create a page for tracking everyone’s clothing sizes.  That way, when Super Nana calls me from a retail therapy appointment because she’s found a great deal on shoes for Monkey 1 or swimsuits for Monkey 2, I can tell her what size to buy.  Not that she always listens to me….

Next, I plan to include a gift suggestion list.  I’m thinking a spreadsheet with the family member’s name, item, occasion, and where to buy it.  The Monkeys are constantly asking for something they’ve seen on tv (pillow pet, anyone?) and this way I could keep up with it.  But I plan to add all of the people we have to give gifts to.  Maybe Grizzly can do some of the shopping if he has a reference list.

Some other things that can go in the family section include birthday party ideas, good websites for the Monkeys, movie and book lists (for school or fun), and other things we might want to do as a family.  Again, I think this will encourage Grizzly’s involvement in planning events around the house.

If you don’t feel up to the task of making your own forms, Jen at IHeart Organizing has some really adorable stuff for sale in her Etsy shop. Of course, Organized Home is one of my favorite places to visit still. There are a lot of home management binders with freebies floating around the web, also.

What do you think?  Did I miss something?

~ Katie



[…] Household Binder: Section 4 ( […]

[…] Household Binder: Section 4 ( […]

[…] Household Binder: Section 4 ( […]

[…] Household Binder: Section 4 ( […]

[…] Household Binder: Section 4 ( […]

[…] Household Binder: Section 4 ( […]

[…] Household Binder: Section 4 ( […]

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