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{February 18, 2013}   Recipe: Homemade Furniture Polish


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Olive oil – it’s not just for cooking in my house!

With so many amazing recipes for homemade, greener cleaners on the internet, it truly hurts my feelings to pay money for store-bought furniture polish.  Not that I’m so green, I’m just that cheap.  And I don’t like the gummy, gunky build-up.  So here is the recipe for furniture polish I’ve started using:

Homemade Furniture Polish Recipe

Mix in a sprayer bottle:

This seems like a small amount.  However, if you make a larger batch and don’t use it up right away, it gets funky floaties.  It’s gross, and your Queen of Cheaptitude threw away a perfectly cleanable spray bottle full of olive oil, lemon juice, and floaties.  It was yucky.

Sidenote: Label your spray bottle very clearly so your wonderful hubby doesn’t think it’s one of his grilling concoctions.

Do not spray directly on the furniture.  I shake the bottle really well and apply a small amount to a microfiber cleaning rag (or a repurposed t-shirt/sock/pair of drawers.) Using the rag, spread the mixture evenly over your furniture surface – a little goes a long way. Then use the dry side of your cloth to polish the surface out.

Avoid glass areas.  It’s a pain to clean off glass.

I already had all of the ingredients for this recipe in my pantry.  I even had the spray bottle, from a long ago trip to the Dollar Tree. I won’t be using my pricier, imported extra virgin olive oil for dusting in the future. (Does my coffee table care if the cleaning product has been deflowered? Just sayin’.)  The lemon juice is just store-brand.

Not that I’ve ever been much of a duster, but I’m not noticing as much dust on my furniture these days.  It’s a nice side effect!

Do you use a homemade cleaner for dusting?  What is your recipe?

~ Katie


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