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{February 19, 2013}   Household Binder: Update

My reference materials.

A lot of my to-do’s are left undone after my long weekend.  My head is still killing me and I’m finally tackling some of the mountain of papers to grade.  Didn’t make it to the parental units’ till this evening, but I don’t think they minded.  And I got a start (finally) on a meeting I wound up in charge of for this coming fall – sometimes that “no” thing just doesn’t work out as well as it should.

But in the back of my aching, exhausted brain all day as my eighth graders and I visited the world of Johnny and Ponyboy on Jay’s Mountain was my management binder.  Ideas for things to add were bouncing in my head all day.  And me with a pooped out DROID (no colornote today – but the new one will be here tomorrow!!)

So here are some binder updates:

  • I found the most amazing website ( ) with my idea of the perfect binder.  WOW!
  • I’m definitely setting up a separate binder for major house things (warranty, insurance, mortgage, etc.) I’m also setting up a separate one for finances.  Our finances are personal, and should be kept a little more private.
  • After I see how the kitchen section goes, I may end up with a separate binder for in there.  I have this awesome binder of family recipes from Granny-at-the-Farm and I want to start another of recipes Grizzly and I like and have modified and have turned into family favorites.
  • I created a cover that I can love.  I’ve seen several binders today that incorporate family pics and I can live with that.  Mine has a good picture of our family, along with some quotes about being a wife and mom – some funny, some biblical, all appealing to me.  I still need to make a spine and back cover.  I always use the binders with insertable covers for my management notebooks.
  • I did break one of my own rules of cheaptitude and purchased an organizing e-book.  Don’t judge me.  This way, Granny-at-the-Farm and Grizzly can’t poke fun at another organizing book on my shelf.  It had some neat binder pages, what can I say?

I’m ready for ink for the printer so that I can print my pages, put my binder together, and share my progress with you!  Maybe this weekend I can focus.  With everything else that is going on right now, I feel like my binder adventure is a real contribution and something I can actually control.

No questions for you today, my friends.  My headache and I are heading to bed…..

~ Katie


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