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{February 21, 2013}   Household Binder: Section 5 – School


If you don’t have little monkeys climbing around your tree, you can skip this one.  I, however, have two little monkeys.

At two different schools.

On two different schedules.

With two different sets of extracurricular activities.

And I work in one, in a completely different district!

So this is a pretty important section in my management binder.  I thought at one point about setting up a binder on each monkey for school stuff, but I think one section in the main binder will be fine for now.  After all, we’re already in elementary and almost done with middle school at this point.  I’ve added “dividers” for each monkey within this section.  And a lot of this information is stored safely away in my head, but that doesn’t help Grizzly if he needs to meet with the P.E. teacher, or if PaPaw wants to check someone’s grades before a fishing trip.

What do I keep in the school section?

  • a district calendar: the kids’ district and the one in which I teach
  • lunch menus: not always accurate, but I check the website regularly.  I can also keep up with their lunch money accounts in here.
  • school information page: each school’s address, phone numbers, website, teacher emails, and online grading login
  • Bell and class schedules
  • IEP/IAP when applicable:  Monkey 2 used to receive 504 services for speech therapy.
  • Student Handbooks (as a teacher, I’m like the dress code police!)
  • school reading lists:  Monkey 1’s teachers can’t seem to let anyone know ahead of time what books he’ll need to read.  I do keep both monkeys’ Accelerated Reader info in this section.
  • Websites:  a list of helpful websites, like our state’s test prep program (Louisiana PASS), Easy Bib (Monkey 1 still doesn’t get how to cite sources!), and anything else educational and helpful.
  • Passwords:  I have some educational games on my desktop computer and the monkeys can’t ever remember their passwords.
  • Summer Programs:  I get flyers about summer reading programs, usually in April, and for the past few years, we’ve participated in our library’s summer reading program.

If you home school, this would be a great place for any home school records.

I also end up sliding report cards in this section.  Yes, cleaning out my old notebook, I found report cards from 2011.  Really?

I will probably include a stack of fill-in-the-blank bus notes, so I don’t have to scribble 2 notes at 4:30 in the morning every time the monkeys have to go to PaPaw and MaMaw’s after school.

This section involves more hole-punching than form creation.  Can you think of a form I might need to create?  What would you keep in your school section?

~ Katie



jeepnmom says:

I love love love the idea of this section! I would create a website form, so it would list the website and any logins or passwords associated with it. Instead of putting each notification letter in the binder. I think I will make a goal of having a household binder done before the beginning of the next school year. 🙂

[…] Household Binder: Section 5 ( […]

[…] Household Binder: Section 5 ( […]

[…] Household Binder: Section 5 ( […]

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