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{February 23, 2013}   Household Binder: Section 6 – Home Management

three ring binder

The next section of my binder is home management.  This is the section that is going to make sure the House of Cheaptitude runs smoothly.  Well, it will if the appropriate people utilize it.

This is the subdivision where I’ll keep information about cleaning, entertaining, storage, and various inventories.  In other words, the home management section is the residence of my beloved lists!  This is my basic plan:

  • Running to do and wish lists
  • Cleaning schedule: I find if it’s on a list, I’m more likely to do it.  And making a list, I can break chores into smaller, bite-sized chunks.
  • Occasional chores:  We all have things that need doing around the house only monthly or even seasonally.  I will probably list these by month in this section.
  • Monkey chores:  I’m pretty pleased of the monkeys.  They have a few household tasks that they perform regularly, often without being asked.  However, they’re getting older and can handle more these days.  For example, they can clean their bathroom (the “public” one) now.  I’ve also been working with Monkey 1 on laundry.  21 days to establish a routine….
  • Entertaining lists and ideas:  I want to keep track of what is where, from table linens to birthday candles.  Most of my holiday decorations are in the attic, in labeled totes, but remember the stocking mishap this past Christmas?
  • Decorating ideas:  furniture, appliances, projects, etc. that appeal to me.  That makes this a binder-version of Pinterest, I guess.
  • Home inventory:  I need to do this anyway, for insurance purposes.  Furniture, major appliances, electronics, etc. need to be listed, with purchase dates and prices if possible.  One copy will go in my binder, and another, hopefully, in a safety deposit box.  Now to get a safety deposit box….
  • Home storage inventory: Grizzly and I do not rent a storage facility.  I guess if it ever comes to that point, I’ll need to get rid of some junk!  But Grizzly has no clue where anything is.  So anything packed away (clothes for Monkey 2 to grow into, the back stock of school supplies, etc.) will go on this list, with the locations.

Other items I’ve kept in this section in the past include our car maintenance schedules, recycling locations, yard sale checklists, and stain removal guides.  These were ideas from Organized Home.  However, I keep a separate binder on the Blue Lemon because it lives at the dealership every month or so.  Yard sales I just kind of throw together with family or friends, and stain removal is better located with all of my other Mt. Washmore items.  As for recycling?  In theory, I love it.  Across the river, people are required to do it, with special trash cans and all.  I like the idea, but if I can’t repurpose it myself, I usually end up throwing it out.

I may include simple instructions detailing how to operate the different appliances and foo fah around the house – washer, dryer, oven, microwave, etc.  After all, the point is to get the rest of the fam involved, correct?

What lists/instructions do you need to leave so your home runs smoothly?

~ Katie

Master Cleaning Checklist


jeepnmom says:

Some how your binder updates always make me feel like I’m way behind and completely unorganized! It does however, make me realize how much I do that my family doesn’t even know I do. And if something were to happen to me (god forbid) they would have no idea how to do them or even know that it needs to be done. I am going to continue working towards a completely organized home before I start work on that binder. That binder is moving higher and higher on my list of things to do!

katiebman says:

You’re not behind. Remember, my binder is in progress. You can start anywhere, any time.

I keep mental lists and may make a list of short term goals, but I don’t have a binder. Due to extreme complications, I was pretty much on bed rest for a few months before and unable to even shower myself without help or much else for weeks after our nine month old son was born. My house was a disaster zone. My nana came in and helped for a few weeks after the baby and I finally came home, or it would’ve been far worse. I’m still trying to re-organize our lives and gain my normal level of strength and energy. You have some great ideas. I, too, feel behind reading them, though. lol

katiebman says:

Oh, no, don’t feel behind! You should see my house. Everything falls in behind lesson plans and other school foo fah. My to-do list is never-ending. But I also hate down time.

BTW, my binder is a work in progress and the revised version has not progressed off of my laptop due to ink issues. Does that make it a little better?

mcsgal says:

I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. To receive your reward, check out this link

katiebman says:

Thanks for the nomination!

[…] Household Binder: Section 6 ( […]

[…] Household Binder: Section 6 ( […]

[…] Household Binder: Section 6 ( […]

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