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{March 9, 2013}   Blog Interrupted….

I was up late last night, clearing the DVR, and procrastinating playing on the computer, but I was still wide awake by 6:30.  I love being up before the rest of the household!  I can relax, drink my coffee, fold laundry, watch tv uninterrupted in the living room that I love, curled up under my fuzzy blankie.  As much as I adore my family, I treasure my alone time.

It never lasts long.

Grizzly (and the rest of my coffee pot!) was out the door early to help Air Force Ken with some fence projects.

Monkey #2 was awake not too long after but declared it too windy to work on her project yet.  She asked me for a piece of paper so she can develop a plan to clean her room.  List Maker in Training?  She has drawn a grid of her bedroom and is coloring in squares as they are cleaned.  Remind me why she has a D in math right now.

Monkey #1 got out of bed long enough to grab his iWasteTime and hole back up in his room.  Gotta love a tween-ager.

I planned to post about the next section of my Household Management Binder, because those posts seem pretty popular, and then do some work around the house, but my ADD kicked in and I worked on some school things, sorted some mail, etc. etc. etc.  I have a to-do list started in my head that includes cleaning the kitchen, doing groceries, and restocking the freezers.  I finally came back to the laptop and my cellphone rang.  Peter Pan, one of Grizzly’s buddies, was out walking his sisters’ dogs and needed a smoke.

Blog interrupted.

But that’s ok.  Moms are multi-taskers and I’m used to demands on my time.

~ Katie




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