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{March 9, 2013}   Blogs I Love

English: Blogs on JoopeA

English: Blogs on JoopeA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, I’m still pretty inexperienced with this whole blogging thing.  I’ve seen other bloggers do “blog rolls” and I am clueless.  But I’m forever telling people about the blogs I like to read.  The only novels I read these days are whatever I happen to be teaching my 8th graders.  Blogs are great for the time-challenged individual.  These are some of the people who inspire me, and my quest for a better life.  I thought I might share some with all of you.

Penny Pinching Peach

  • Another frugal mom, trying to balance it all, the Peach posts about couponing, cooking, and living life at a lower price.  Love her!

Living Young & Wild & Free

  • posts about a wide variety of topics.  I’ve read posts about her Pinterest addiction projects, home improvement, repurposing, organizing, relationships, and on and on.  She’s a ton of fun to read and I try to catch up on her adventures once a week or so.

The Simple Life of a Country Man’s Wife

  • I can’t even recall how I discovered this blog.  The Country Man’s Wife blogs about ranch life in South Dakota, and life in general.  Her writing style is exquisite, and I jealously admire her talented use of our language.  She’s an impressive photographer, also, often letting her camera tell her story.  She and her Country Man have also opened an Etsy shop with hand crafted products.  So creative!!

One Mother’s Ramblings

  • A shout out to my best friend of 3 decades.  Jeepnmom blogs about her organizationally-challenged household and her own journey to contentment.  She discusses her projects around the house, parenting, and the goals she sets for herself.  Occasionally she fusses about her best friend making her feel less than perfect, even though her best friend is so far from perfect it’s laughable.  She has always had a way with words that I love to read.

Mommy Man: Adventures of a Gay Super Dad

  • Trust me, the title does not say it all.  Mr. Mahoney shares a lot of his experiences in family life and parenting.  I love his blog because it’s not so much about being a “Gay Dad” as it is being a DAD.  His family goes through many of the same struggles my family does.  He has a really cute post this week about fixing his little girl’s hair – and it reminds me of every time Grizzly tries to do Monkey #2’s hair. Kiss your stereotypes goodbye, my loves.
  • If you find you like his blog, his book is coming out soon!

My Outlook in Life

  • I just discovered this one today, after the author became one of my followers.  Amazing photography!  Lots of travel posting.  This one is ideal for the Cheap Mama who never wants to leave the house.  I can now see the world through my laptop!

There are many other blogs I check out regularly and really enjoy.  I’ll share some of them later on!

Do you have a favorite blog?  What topics do you enjoy most?

~ Katie



I am surprised to see my name on that list! I just started blogging less than a month ago, and am still trying to figure things out. That made my day. 🙂
Yours is one of my favorite blogs, actually. When I recently was thinking of who to nominate for the “Liebster Award”, you were one of the names on my list, but the rules stated less than 300 followers. 🙂 I love to read about a variety of topics that I can apply to my own life, that touch my heart or just plain make me giggle. Another blog I was going to nominate, but had too many followers, is Motherhood is an Art She writes about parenting in an amusing way. 🙂 Some of the others I enjoy were ones I nominated, if you want to check out the Liebster Award post on my blog. 🙂

katiebman says:

I only have 33 Lol! I think I love your blog because we seem to be heading the same direction.

It showed you as having a few hundred!! Weird!

katiebman says:

I wish 🙂 My eventual goal is to be a professional blogger, since the novelist thing never came to fruition!

Want me to belatedly add you to my Liebster Award? You were in my draft, until I thought you had 100s of followers and weren’t technically qualified. lol

katiebman says:

🙂 You can get me next time 🙂

Enigma says:

Thanks for the pingback and keep on blogging!

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