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{March 22, 2013}   Spring Break: Who is Up for a Stay-cation?

This has been an exhausting week!  With the first phase of state testing (why did I ever move to a high stakes grade level??), wrapping up a unit and a marking period, and Teacher Appreciation Week, I’ve been busier than I don’t know what!

There are so many options for Spring Break.  We have family in Texas, Arkansas, and Florida right now, all nice vacation spots.  I know Jeepnmom would not have hurt feelings if we headed to the mitten for a few days.  There is a Great Wolf Lodge close by, and plenty to do in south Louisiana – where we also have fabulous, welcoming friends.  Monkey #2 has requested that we go to a hotel with a swimming pool and elevator.  Monkey #1 wants to hang out with his friends and practice his form 2 moves (????)

At heart, I’m a homebody.  I want to cut my yard (again), work on school stuff, test prep Monkey #1, and do around the house.  But I also want the kids to enjoy staying home with me.  I’ve come up with a list of things to do without leaving my comfort zone.

  • Work in the yard:  The monkeys like to dig in the dirt.  I noticed Ellis Pottery has flats of flowers out already and my front flower bed needs some attention.
  • Go to the park:  The Realest Chick I Know has two little girls around Monkey #2’s age.  Monkey #2 wants a picnic, and although I would have to cross into the dreaded NoBo, there is a park with a duck pond nearby, so I’ve set up a play date.
  • Go to the Bookstore: Always at the top of the monkeys’ lists…..
  • Go to the Farm: Granny‘s social calendar is pretty full, but the monkeys don’t get to visit often enough, and I really need to make a point to get out there this week.

I also have a ton of hoarder junk crafting items that could be put to good use.  I do have two very creative monkeys at my house.

It’s been a long week and I’m not super-inspired tonight.  What are your Spring Break plans?

~ Katie


Thank you for the ping back. I need to follow your posts since I enjoyed your stay-cation description and would like to read more. Made the chicken crock pot recipe many years ago and it went right to the freezer. I think maybe it is still there. Thanks again – John

katiebman says:

Glad you enjoyed it! Let me know how you like the chicken – mine is in the freezer, too, trying to rebuild my stock.

jeepnmom says:

We have also opted for the spring break stay-cation. The Titanic Artifacts show is at the Grand Rapids museum so we are planning a trip there. The husband and I are also working through it. Looking for ideas to keep my monkeys busy and not stuck on technology all week.

[…] Spring Break: Who is Up for a Stay-cation? ( […]

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