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{March 24, 2013}   Crazy (People)

I love love love my Bunco Babes! Pioneer Woman and I share a birthday week and she’s about to deploy, so I was really more interested in helping to send her off with happy thoughts than in my birthday. Some of the Babes set up a surprise party for her tonight. I brought her booze and she gave me awesome slow cooker cookbook.  I cannot wait to try it out!!!

After an amazing Italian dinner, we came out for karaoke. My hookas can sing!  Last weekend, the Realest Chick I Know did Patsy Cline’s “Crazy.” It brought JeepnMom’s mama to my mind.  That lady was another mama to me.  I texted JeepnMom and she thought it made sense, as Mrs. Mabel loved her some Patsy Cline. I told my girl that tonight and she sang again.

There are some cuckoo crazies in the video, too, but they’re family to me so no negative comments.

Thanks, RCIK, for the song. Thanks Pioneer Woman for being a role model. Thanks to all of my Babes for being my friends. I love you all more than you’ll ever know. Thanks to the hubbies for putting up with our silliness, driving us all over, and taking our pictures.

Thanks, Grizzly, for the lap dance.

I called this one “Crazy People” for a reason. Thanks for an unforgettable birthday.

– Katie


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