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{March 26, 2013}   Repurposing: Junk Mail

A few weeks ago, I was absolutely disgusted with the state of the computer hutch.  I needed to move Grizzly’s work computer off my kitchen table so that we could eat, which meant my old desktop needed to be relocated.  After moving my computer to Monkey #2’s room (without the privilege of internet access!  She’s only 8!), I was left with a year’s worth of dust bunnies and a mountain of paper to go through.

If there is one thing I really enjoy about paperwork, it is shredding.

I sorted everything out and when I was done, had a small pile to file and a huge pile to shred.  I mean, checkbooks from banks I’ve not used in two years, billing statements from 5 years ago, and even check stubs from my first office job in 1993.

I promise I’m not a hoarder.  Just a procrastinator.

I filled one of Grizzly’s paint buckets several times over, transferring to bags when the bucket was threatening to overflow.  But what to do with the bags of shredded paper?  I could now safely put them out with the garbage on Friday, but there had to be a better use.  I know Granny-at-the-Farm expressed interest in making logs for her fireplace, but this was overwhelming!  So I turned to my friend, Google, and found several neat ideas.

Here are some of the suggestions I found:

  • Packing material for gifts and mailing – wish my mom did this instead of those awful foam peanuts!
  • Craft projects – I saw snowman pictures made from shreds of paper, papier-mache bowls, and even pinatas.
  • Pet bedding – of course the four-legged monkey buddy prefers her quilt, my couch (she thinks she’s slick!), and Monkey #2’s bed.
  • Making new paper – messy, messy, messy!
  • Cat litter filler
  • Fire starter for the barbecue or fireplace (Granny was on to something!)

I also saw it can be used for composting.  Which is something I have yet to tackle.  But it gave me an idea.

The four-legged monkey buddy loved to dig when she was younger.  I discovered on hole in particular in my backyard last year, which put me in an Ace wrap for way longer than I liked.  At our old house, I invested a small fortune in dirt to fill a hole in the front yard, only to have it sink in soon after.  I refuse to fight that losing battle again!  However, I did find a purpose for my shredding.  I emptied a bagful into one of Monkey Buddy’s pits.  I watered it down till it was really mushy and then covered it with dirt.

2 weeks later, it hasn’t sunk down.

What do you think?  Do you have any ideas for shredded papers?

~ Katie


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