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{April 6, 2013}   Crafting with the Crazy Math Lady: Making Bunco Shirts

Crazy Math Lady and I have been friends and colleagues since 2007 when we were both taking a Classroom Management course for our alternate certification program for teaching.  We make quite the odd couple – she’s single, no kids, and does not see herself as creative at all.  I’m kind of the opposite.

We are a dynamic duo.

I love crafting and re-purposing – and teaching.  I’m forever trying to get CML involved in some project or another.  We’ve made some serious progress over the years.  We’ve created cupcakes for Cub Scouts, concocted some amazing cookies just because they sounded yummy, and one night I even convinced her to scrapbook with me (the math chick in her loves the different shapes of the punches!)

In the Fall of 2011, we were both invited into one of those most sacred of southern societies – a Bunco Group.  As neither one of us is the most social ladies, this was a huge step for both of us.  And it’s been an interesting, amazing journey.  We’ve made some incredible friends, including Pioneer Woman, the Little General, the Higher Authority, the Realest Chick I Know….I could go on and on.  It gets us out of the house once a month, socializing with other ladies, and have a good time.  Each month has ended up with a different theme (mine is always pajamas, with some kind of crockpot meal – I’m lazy like that.)  We’ve had Easter Bonnets, White Trash, and Tropical Islands.  We were witches in October and formal with our Little Black Dresses in December.

This month, in honor of Pioneer Woman’s deployment, Rebecca decided our theme this month is Cuba.  Personally, I don’t know a lot about Cuba except that their cigars are quite coveted. How does one dress for a Cuban party?  Crazy Math Lady and I were clueless.  I asked the Realest Chick I Know if we should all dress as cigars.  To which she said we’d look like, and I quote, “Twelve giant turds.”

Maybe not a great plan.

On the phone with CML the other night, we had kind of decided just to go tropical. The I remembered that somewhere in my craft stash I had iron-on transfer sheets for my printer.  Why couldn’t we make cute t-shirts with Cuban postcards?  That would work.

Except in my decluttering/re-organizing/re-purosing, I’ve misplaced my transfer sheets *sigh*.  Remember how I am such a huge proponent of inventory lists?

Crazy Math Lady went to Family Dollar yesterday to get t-shirts and back up outfits.  Let me just say, the back up outfits are super-cute.  But we still wanted to try the t-shirt idea.  I showed CML some of the postcards I’d found on flickr and we proceeded to create our own versions with handy-dandy puffy paints:

Our version of "Somebody in Cuba" loves Me"The Original Cuban Missile" - I know, it looks like a turd....

I think for a few hours’ work, these turned out okay.  And they fit with the “Cuban” theme, right?  What do you think?

And I’ll probably let you all know tomorrow how I feel about Cuban food.  I told the RCIK that my only experience with Cuban food is watching a pig roast on The Real Housewives of Miami last year….

Any tips??

~ Katie


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