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{April 6, 2013}   Show Your Worth….Not “You’re Worth-less”

It’s that time of the year again. I have a love-hate relationship with my taxes. I love playing with the numbers, piecing together the puzzle of our income and outgo, trying to squeeze every possible deduction (as expensive as my four-legged baby is, she unfortunately can’t be considered a dependent!) And I hate it when I owe money. I get it, money is needed for roads, schools, defense, etc., but I don’t think the government is a smart shopper. Just sayin’.

Tax season used to be super-stressful.  Several years ago, I took care of filing Grizzly’s business taxes in addition to our personal, household stuff. I now see the accountant as an expensive, necessary evil.

What does this have to do with anything, you may wonder? Well, this is the time of year I start looking at assets and liabilities. Which things in my life enhance it and make me a better me?  Which things are holding me back?  Honestly, the answer is things.  Most things I can do without.  Some things make my life easier, for a time, but eventually add to my workload in some form or fashion (DUSTING!! STORAGE!!), turning them into liabilities.

As I declutter my house and restructure my finances, I am encouraged to look at all aspects of my life.  This includes my relationships, both personal and professional.  This is not a painless process, but it is necessary.  For example, I recognize that attitudes of others at work affect my attitude at work, and I need to adjust myself.  If that means keeping to myself until I’m back in a positive place, that is exactly what I will do.  I find it so much easier to address those professional liabilities than the personal ones.

A very quiet, wise man (Real Chick’s fantastic hubby!) says that you have to take regularly take stock of your friendships, identifying the assets and liabilities.  First of all, you are judged by the company you keep.  Second of all, it is easy to be dragged into other peoples’ sticky drama webs.  We all have issues to deal with, burdens to bear, and time is short.  Who has time to be brought down by someone else’s crazy?  But we still get sucked in.  Liabilities, my friends.

Being supportive during tough times is a good thing.  Being a crutch, not so much.

Another great quote I’ve heard from this same fella is “Show your worth, not your/you’re worthless.”  I like this a lot.  When I do or say something, I do my best to own it, good, bad, or ugly.  I don’t blame it on booze, drama in my personal life, etc.  You can’t take things back once they’re said or done.  You can move on and try to do better.  My closest friends live by this. They show their worth.   Those friends who don’t are the ones I’m beginning to see as liabilities.

Misery may love company, but company does not love misery.

How do you turn those liabilities back into assets?  Which liabilities are worth the time and stress to attempt such a feat?  How do you get rid of the ones that aren’t worth the time and energy anymore?  I’m still working on that.

I’ve long believed every person who comes in and out of our lives does so for a reason.  Some people are around longer than others.  Every one of them provides an opportunity to learn.  Sometimes you have to take a step back, look from a distance, to see the lesson.  But once you recognize someone has become a liability, you have to ask yourself, “Why am I still friends with this person?”

My husband is the owner/operator of a small business and he has to deal with assets and liabilities all the time.  If someone isn’t performing their duties, he fires them.  If a piece of equipment isn’t working, he fixes it or gets rid of it.  It may seem a little calculated or cold, but as I examine my relationships, I may start operating in a similar manner.  Our friends should be positive forces in our lives, not bring us down.  If someone is emotionally/physically/financially draining, it is time to fix it or move on.

These are not standards by which I only judge those people in my life.  I’m not always the best friend I can be.  I’m don’t always show my worth.  But I’m making a point to do better.

This week, I challenge you.  Try to do something about the liabilities in your life.  And show your worth to the world, because you’re not worthless.

~ Katie

BTW I did overindulge and get loud tonight. And I owned it.


jeepnmom says:

You are an asset to me! Love you girl! Years and miles can’t pull us apart and I am proud to call you my best friend!

katiebman says:

Thanks, Bec! You are one of my assets, too. Just feeling very reflective.

Thanks for the reminder that things are just that; things. – John

katiebman says:

And we give too much importance to the wrong people sometimes.

I can’t find anywhere else to post this, but wanted to let you know that I truly enjoy following your blog, and thought you deserved the Liebster Award. You always have some interesting tips and points to share. This is an award for up and coming bloggers whose creativity is appreciated. Check out my post about the award here:
Congratulations and keep creating a blog that folks enjoy reading! 🙂

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