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{April 21, 2013}   A Month of Birthdays

It started with a surprise for Pioneer Woman. Then it was Hot Chocolate (Real Chick, did I get it right?) and a cigar-themed party. The next Friday was a birthday dinner for Mrs. Wendy, followed by the Little General. I missed both of those.

Tonight we all gathered for Real Chick’s surprise dinner at a nice restaurant in NoBo.  (St. Yoda set the bar really high – which hubby can plan all that on the slick side?) These shindigs are usually followed by karaoke till we close the doors of whichever hole in the wall we pick.  Good friends, good times, and the occasional lap dance.

Mr. Carl, you missed out.

It’s been a month of birthdays like I’ve never experienced.

The Little General has it figured out.  Friends tend to fall into different categories. You have work friends, maybe neighborhood or church friends, and so on.  And you do different things with different people. She and the Higher Authority, who have been tight way before Bunco, and their precious hubbies started the Friday night El Mariachi tradition. We’ve been doing Sunday Funday lately with Pioneer Woman’s husband, Real Chick, and St. Yoda. It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes those friendships become pretty fluid.

In a month of birthdays, I’m thankful for all of these amazing friends.

Just a thought. I’ll get back on tips and tricks in the morning.

– Katie


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