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{May 8, 2013}   Welcome to My Chaos

Today, I really just want to make it clear to Jeepnmom and Real Chick that I do not have it all together.  Well, after a few Sunday Fundays, I imagine Real Chick is beginning to figure it out.

The month of April has been rough.  I’ve fallen completely off the organization wagon (and the house isn’t too clean, either).  Our schedules have gotten messier as school winds down for the year.  The monkeys aren’t too big on lending a helping hand, Grizzly has been working a lot (today my painter is his mama’s plumber!), and I’m not feeling so motivated.  I haven’t even been to the grocery this week!

Yesterday I had a handy-dandy sub cover my classes (epic fail) and I joined Monkey #2 for her final Bellaire Field Day.  At her school, Field Day takes all day.  Fun trumped productivity.  Last night I cooked breakfast for dinner, turned on Duck Dynasty on the DVR, and wrote next week’s lesson plans instead of doing anything around the house.

I woke up at 6 this morning.

After going to sleep after 11.

Coffee is good.  Starbuck’s with an extra shot is better.

I do not currently have a list going.  At least, if I do, I can’t locate it.  I poked around the kitchen to fix a pot of coffee, debated putting dishes away and cleaning Grizzly’s icky mess from the oven (decided against it), and finally settled in the living room.

My coupons are sorted and culled.  In case I finally go to the store….

I do tend to take pride in my home.  Looking around the living room, there was no pride to be found.  Yesterday, looking for Monkey #2’s class shirt, I found piles of candy wrappers under the couch cushions, as well as lots of monkey clothes (gross).  There are baskets of laundry waiting to be folded or just put up (loving the garage sale dryer!!  That’s another post!)  And the built-in had become a cluttered, dusty mess.  When I clean, I like to go top to bottom, so the built-in became my first project.









Obviously a hot mess.  However, I got it situated!  While the rest of my house is still falling down around my ears, I have a small sense of accomplishment having cleaned the built-in top to bottom, straightening the cabinets underneath, and setting up launch pads (To-Go Baskets) for the monkeys.

Somehow the post-picture got deleted.

Proof my poop is not together yet.

What is your favorite method of avoidance when your home is a wreck?

~ Katie



I have a toddler and a very mobile one year old, with a husband who doesn’t mind helping, but is only home long enough most times to make more messes for me to clean up and clutter for me to sort through. LOL As much as I try, my house is always a wreck. Avoidance? I almost throw in the towel, but I still spend a couple of hours a day cleaning and trying to organize, on top of picking up after kiddos and such. Does my house look like I put that much effort into it? Uh….nope! Bleh. LOL

katiebman says:

Funny thing is I wrote this in April!

jeepnmom says:

My life always seems to be a never ending bout of chaos! I’m trying, really hard, to regain control of every aspect of my life, but it’s all sooooooo overwhelming sometimes. And sometimes you need a week (or a month) to forget about responsibilites and just relax!

It’s the month following that relaxation that stresses me out!

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