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{June 1, 2013}   Sell the Garage

I know the right way to do a garage sale. A good garage sale is organized, efficient, and makes good money.

This is probably not one of those.

I need to empty the garage, though, so Grizzly can create his Man Cave ….

First of all, I’ve been pulling clothes, books, etc. for the past few weeks in preparation.  Could I find more things that need to find their way from my home to new ones? Darned Skippy!  But it’s been a really busy week. I may be a stay-at-home mama 10 weeks of the year but I’ve rarely been home. So not everything has made it into the garage sale.

Next, I really prefer to tag most items. I’m a total cheapskate and will often give things away for pennies on the dollar – but you need a starting place.  None of my stuff is tagged.

Space is a big deal.  Usually, Grizzly brings me two folding tables he sometimes uses for work but he has no clue where they might be right now.  Thankfully, Pioneer Woman’s card tables were at Camaro Girl’s house, left over from a long-ago bunco, and she brought them last night. (That’s love – putting the top down to load tables in leather seats!) And there is a big old’ truck parked right where I wanted to put stuff!

I like to start a garage sale with about $40 cash – $10 in fives, $10 in quarters, and $20 in ones. Grizzly has temporary custody of my debit card, so he brought a ten, two fives, some ones, and some quarters. Bless his heart. It’s thrown me for a loop.

With all that’s not working in this garage sale, I will just hope and pray some of my garage clears out, I make a little cash, and Crazymathlady unloads her excess apartment clutter.

I see a better garage sale coming later this summer.

How often do you do a garage sale? What tips can you share?

– Katie


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