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{July 20, 2013}   Repurposing: Orange Juice Candles

When life (my friend, Missy) hands you a box of crayons, what do you do? You Google.


And you think back to 5th grade, in Mr. Laughlin’s class at Bloomingdale Elementary. I’m sure the project was science-related somehow, but the most memorable activity we did that year was candle making.  We used gulf wax, butcher’s string, old crayons – and orange juice cans.


Many of Missy’s contributions to my clutter have already been used for pencil holders (soup can project!) and actual coloring. Still, there was a monkey #2 sized shoebox full of crayons, begging to be repurposed!

My handy friend, Google, brought me tons of different ideas and instructions, but I specifically wanted instructions with Gulf Wax and juice cans. And I found them! (In the future, I may try repurposing old candle bits as well!) Of course, I needed the wax, scents, and wicks (not ready to make my own, yet!) I had a Hobby Lobby gift card left over from my Secret Santa and put it to excellent use. After a trip to the grocery, I was ready for some crafting!


I have many nifty kitchen gadgets left from my proud Pampered Chef days, but I never did get a double boiler. Everything I read said if the wax gets overheated, it can combust – and I doubt my homeowner’s insurance covers “stupid.” A coffee can on top of canning rings in a pot of water will work, but my coffee comes in plastic tubs. So I sacrificed Grizzly’s bat-boiling pan and went about the business of melting.


It is important to break up the crayons and wax before melting, otherwise it takes six kinds of forever. I chose purples, reds, and blues for a sugarplum flavored candle, Granny@thefarm’s favorite scent. I used plastic straws as stirrers, instead of sacrificing any more kitchen goodies, and once everything was combined well, added the scent.

I had chosen wicks with bases but it was difficult to make the silly things stay in place. I finally remembered to dip them a little in the wax and wrap them on a straw. Then I poured the wax into the containers and waited.


As the candles dry, they tend to well near the wick. Poke holes in the candle form and add more wax. I did this twice. Finally, they evened out. After a day or so, I ripped the juice cans off the candles and here is how they turned out:

Juice cans make fat, pillar candles. I’ve not lit it, as this one is a prize for Granny, but it already smells divine.

Do you have any candle tricks?

~ Katie


jeepnmom says:

I am soooo trying this! But how did you get the can off?

katiebman says:

I just ripped it carefully. Not crazy about the hobby lobby wicks 😦

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