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{November 16, 2013}   Family-Friendly Fun: Little Rock Zoo

My old Grizzly is kind of like Jase Robertson. Not by way of facial fur, or the love of hunting, but the way neither is inclined to keep up with a wedding band. Every few years, I kick a little bit of a fuss about it, only to be reminded that he’s not a jewelry kind of man. And it gets pushed aside for a few more years.

This year, as we approached our 15th anniversary, Grizzly decided he could tolerate a ring. As long as it’s titanium with camouflage.


I googled and with some creative saving could manage it. However, who knows what size ring he wears? And he certainly wasn’t in a rush to be sized.

His other idea was a ring tattoo. Which, I’m fairly certain, is why he was in no hurry to get to the jeweler.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a huge fan of tattoos. But we have been married 15 years. So I reached out to Chris Thomas at the Golden Lotus to see if we could make it happen.

What does all this have to do with a zoo, you wonder?

Chris’s shop is in Little Rock.

No sooner had I shared my idea with Grizzly than he was setting up his appointment.

But he wanted to get his value from the long drive and arranged for an additional tattoo he’s wanted. Leaving the monkeys and me with about 3 hours to kill in Little Rock.

Which is how we ended up at the zoo Saturday.

Here are some of the details:

Admission: $10 adults 12 and up, $8 for monkeys under 12. (Dadgum Monkey 1 for looking his age). They do offer military discounts, and kids under a certain age are free.

Parking: $2, assessed when you pay your admission.

Food: there is a “restaurant” of sorts, as well as other vendors along the walkway.  You can also purchase drinks and snacks in the souvenir stand.

The zoo itself is divided into several areas, and I think we saw pretty much everything. The monkeys particularly loved seeing animals from Nigeria, as that is where the CrazyMathLady relocated.

As I finish this post 2 1/2 months after the trip, I don’t recall all I wanted to share, but it was an awesome, inexpensive trip.


~ Katie

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