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{August 4, 2014}   Back 2 School Tips ‘N’ Tricks

There are a lot of happy parents in my neck of the woods this week. The shelves in the stores have been picked over, uniforms washed and hung up, supply lists checked and re-checked.  All the lil angels head back to school Thursday in Bossier Parish, Monday in Caddo. At my school, the teachers have 6th grade orientation tomorrow and professional development the rest of the week. It’s an exciting time of the year.

It’s also potentially stressful. After sleeping until noon for 10 weeks or so, teens and tweens will be getting up before the sun. There are school fees to pay, book bags to pack, and schedules to figure out.  This is the 10th time I’ve started school as a mom, and I’ve figured a few things out.

This is a biggie.  My monkeys go to bed really early compared to most of their friends. However, we get up early at my house. Really early. Like 4am.  Monkey 1 is up by 530, and Monkey 2 about 615.  So 9 o’clock is reasonable.  Every summer (except this one!), we’ve transitioned back into bedtime by now.  If you can, about a week or two before school starts, send the kids to bed about 10-15 minutes earlier each night and you’ll be back on schedule by the time school starts.

Wake Ups
I usually try to address our mornings in  similar fashion.  However, I’m still struggling with even 6am, so this week will be really interesting.

I used to get anxiety if I didn’t have 12 boxes of cereal in the pantry.  I’m not so CDO anymore – about cereal.  I did take a few hours last week and make a bunch of instant oatmeal packets, and breakfast burritos.  I’m planning to freeze a bunch of pancakes, as well.  I like to be prepared for breakfast!  I also like to freeze yogurt and fruit. As long as the monkeys have a good breakfast, I feel like we’ve got a solid foundation.

Scheduling is a pain in my derrière. Grizzly plays pool three nights a week. One of the monkeys is in high school this year, which means after school clubs and ball games and tougher homework. The other monkey thankfully told me yesterday she’s not auditioning for the next SLT production, so we just have karate for her. The monkeys are at 2 different belt levels right now, so their karate classes are at different times. Both monkeys have catechism and are altar servers. And I’m teaching Yearbook this year, so I’m sure I’ll have to work later. Oy!

I use my Google calendar religiously, with phone reminders and all. However, in my handy dandy notebook, I have a calendar I printed from MS Publisher. I’ve already filled in the Caddo school calendar. I’ll add other scheduling things as they come up. We are getting to the point where one grown will have to tote one monkey one place, the others go another.

My calendar is color coded based on who the different things apply to. Grizzly is dark blue, monkey 1 light blue, monkey 2 pink, both monkeys (belt testing, lock ins, etc) purple, and I’m red. I’ve used black if it’s the whole fam but Granny-at-the-Farm thinks that’s not appropriate. I’ll figure it out.

I duplicate my binder calendar on my wall calendar in the kitchen. It has come in handy, because even if I don’t look, the monkeys do!

Meal Planning
Ideally, I would have my meals planned out beautifully and have everything ready to go. Haha. In real life, I have a kind of general idea of what’s going on meal wise.

I love to freezer cook. Specifically, I love freezer to crockpot meals. Occasionally, the mood will strike me and I’ll put together 15 or so bags for the crockpot. The only “plan” I can commit to is the crockpot on Monday, because after a long faculty meeting, I have no interest in cooking. We try to have dinner out once a week. I do try to keep spaghettios or some kind if convenience item on hand for crazy nights or one of Grizzly’s nights out – the monkeys want to be fed if I’m hungry or not.

If you can get organized and meal plan, things will run more smoothly in the evening. I’m getting there.

These are just a few ideas I’ve thought about today. What are you doing to get ready for school?

~ Katie

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