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{August 5, 2014}   The Monkey Management Binder

A few times each year, it seems, I get it in my head that it is time to organize. This summer, I’ve decluttered some cabinets, shelves, and revisited my binder systems. My Household Management Binder bears little resemblance to the original Household Notebook I created during my addiction to the Organized Home message boards. Several sections have morphed into their own binders. One of these was actually at the request of the monkeys.

Monkeys 1 & 2 are extremely busy, social little creatures. They must get that from Grizzly, because I am happier to hide out in the House of Cheaptitude. And they know if an event is not on the calendar, it’s not going to happen. They have asked for their own binder to keep up with their “stuff” and make sure I’ve not forgotten something.

Right away, I knew what I wanted their binder to look like. I wasn’t positive about the contents, but the cover? Oh, yes.


I already had scrapbook paper that was perfect.

The section dividers would be nothing fancy, yet. I had some plain old Avery dividers that will work fine for now. And while the monkeys may be in different levels of their activities, they’re both involved in the same things, if that makes sense. That was how I determined my divider categories.

Both monkeys are very involved in the Church. They’re altar servers and usually serve together, so that schedule, as well as the server roster, will go in that section. They also both have catechism, one on Sunday mornings, and this year, the other, Monday evenings. Some weeks, they don’t meet at all. So these schedules, as well as their church friends’ phone numbers, will go in this section. And if they ever start up the children’s choir again….

I would also like to see each kiddo with a prayer list in this section.

Class schedules. Teacher info. Sports schedules. Usernames and passwords for SchoolLoop. This is all information to which the monkeys should have ready access. Now that Monkey 1 is in high school, there will hopefully be some club information, as well. Books to read, science and social studies fair ideas – all of this can go in this section of the Monkey Management binder.

The academy my kids attend for martial arts is not just about kicks and punches. For each belt test, the monkeys have to pass physical fitness, vocabulary, and so on.

Guess who speaks no Korean?

In this section, I have some basic info about the school, their class schedule (one is a beginner while the other is intermediate), and their vocabulary list.
We’ve also started making flashcards that are kept in ziplock baggies in this section. That was a nifty Pinterest tip – I duct taped the side of a quart sized bag, then hole-punched to keep in the binder. We’ve done this all the way through blue belt.

This is where I *plan* to keep rehearsal schedules, head shots, and résumés.

We have none of these things right now. Thankfully, neither monkey is in a production at the moment.

But these are things they will need for auditions and future plays. And we never have them when we needs them, of course.

Chores & Money
We had some long talks about chores, allowance, what is worthy of allowance, and what is expected just as a member of the House of Cheaptitude. So in this section will be a list of what they have to do because they live here, and a list of what they will can do to earn their beloved sno-cone cash. I also think this is a good place to keep wish lists, so the monkeys can set savings goals.

We’ll see how all of this turns out. Monkey 1 and Monkey 2 have taken the first step for asking me to help them get organized. It’s a positive start.

What tricks do you have for organizing kids?

~ Katie


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