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{August 16, 2014}   Clean, Single, Seeking Sole Mates: Dealing with Socks

There are 4 residents in the House of Cheaptitude who wear socks on a somewhat regular basis. There’s also one who eats them, but that’s another post.

Somewhere between the wearing and the washing, I usually end up with a bunch of mateless socks.

I have tried several strategies over the years. I used to keep a cute wicker basket with all of the socks, and then I’d sort them while watching The Real Housewives.. Eventually I came to the conclusion it was easier to fold as I go and just leave the mismatched ones in a basket.

The basket is too big for the number of socks I usually end up with, and I had a better purpose for that basket. So now I have 2 little utility baskets – a white one for white socks and a blue for colored socks. Much better, but the baskets are usually full.

I think the dryer eats sicks, too.

Then, one day on Pinterest, I saw the most adorable laundry room organization. One thing that caught my eye was the random sock board. There are several versions, apparently, and all super-cute. And I’m always looking for ways to improve my utility room.

The sock thing stayed on my to-do list most of the summer. There would have to be a cheap way to do it or it wasn’t happening. Finally, Grizzly cleaned out his truck and there was a perfect board! Being married to a painter, I found a container of off white paint and gave the board a coat. Then I marked the length I wanted and gave it to Papaw for cutting.

I decided to use some vinyl lettering left over from a science fair poster.
image After I figured all of that out, I started working on placement.

It didn’t look quite right. I kept working with the letters until it looked good.

And because I have so much green scrapbook paper, I got a little creative.
image I glued everything in place. Then I added a couple coats of decoupage.
image And the finished product:
Now it hangs on the wall over my dryer. It only holds 8 socks, so it’s definitely more decorative than functional. But it’s fun and cute!

How do you deal with missing socks?

~ Katie

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