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{August 19, 2014}   Organizing: Greeting Cards

I like to keep cards on hand.  However, I cannot find a single one when I actually need it.

I’ve bought cutesy organizers in the past. That works for about a hot minute.

I’ve seen really cool strategies on Pinterest. But nothing I think will necessarily work for me.

And I love to repurpose.

Once upon a time, I was addicted to those photo storage boxes. When the craft stores would run specials, I’d purchase a bunch. I was pretty particular – black, with a handmade scrapbook label. VHS movies = organized.

As I’ve decluttered those dinosaur tapes, I’ve kept the boxes. Of course. Everything can be repurposed. I now have one for razors/shave preps, deodorant, etc. These boxes are great for my stockpiles. For the longest time, I had one dedicated to loose game pieces, and one to Nintendo DS and gameboy games.

I had a feeling one of these boxes might be an easy solution to my greeting card issue. One year for Christmas, my father-in-law gave me two very pretty photo boxes. I decided to create my card organizer from one of these.

It’s very pretty, without being too horribly girly.

I had to search high and low for the dividers. I had nearly given up and decided to create some when I located them in Grandma Sweitzer’s cedar chest.

The “index” side does nothing for me. I flipped the cards over, and created my category labels.

These are the categories I’ve chosen so far:
Get well
Just because (blank notes!!)
Thank you
Thinking of you

I’ll probably throw anniversaries in with wedding. I have more blank cards than anything, and need desperately to stock up on birthday cards – Aunt YoYo and Ace say it’s not a birthday without a monkey card.

It may not be as big a project as I usually take on, but it is functional. All I have left is to tape a small calendar of important dates to the lid.

And I actually use it!

How do you keep up with cards and such?

~ Katie

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I’ve had mine in a drawer. Just awful. I’m going to try your method!

katiebman says:

The trick is figuring out what works for you. I love making things, but this was a quick fix. Let me know how it turns out. BTW, a shoebox would work.

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