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{August 31, 2014}   Family Friendly Fun: Air Show on the Cheap

My family is blessed to live near a beautiful US Air Force Base, Barksdale AFB, home of the B-52 bomber. The base is an incredible asset to our community. Nearly every spring since I moved here in 1992, they’ve opened the gates and invited the public in for an air show, which never disappoints!

Barksdale has hosted the air show since 1933 so the public can see what the role of the base is in our community. A lot of the base is on display during the air show, things the general public doesn’t have daily access to. Not only are there in-air displays of talented pilots in really cool planes, but visitors may also tour a lot of planes, helicopters, etc.

When Monkey #1 was a really little guy, we would go with Aunt YoYo to the main fire house and hang with Uncle Ace, who worked there. We didn’t have to worry so much about parking or having a good view – the fire house was nearly the best seat!

In more recent years, we’ve attended with friends. We love to walk the flight line, buy frozen lemonades, and see what is going on.
This year was a little different. Grizzly and the monkeys had a party to attend in the afternoon. We weren’t too sure about traffic and crowds, let alone how much money we tend to spend on food, drinks and souvenirs. In some neighborhoods, you can see the air show from the back yards, so we decided to take the kids to Mike Woods Park, grill, play, and see how it went.
image It was nice to have access to shade.
The monkeys found plenty to do in between planes.
And they made some new friends.

We didn’t have to wait in any lines or worry about parking. Our only expense was picnicky stuff that we would buy anyway. We could come and go as we pleased, and it was a really nice afternoon.

Now that we figured out how convenient the park is, I can’t wait to see the 2015 show!

What are some family fun activities you have tried?

~ Katie

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