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{May 31, 2015}   Of Loss

Jeepnmom and I spoke last night – no shock there – and while catching up on hometown happenings, she told me one of the guys we grew up with had passed away suddenly.

We aren’t that old.

We are healthy.

What is wrong with the universe?

I hadn’t spoken to this guy in probably 25 years.  But I can see his folks’ house in my mind.  He’d often be outside when I walked to a friend’s house.  I remember him in middle school.  He was smart, nice, not really in one clique, but friends with everyone.

What stands out in my memory is what a genuinely nice guy he was. And tonight I’m thinking of him as a friend to so many, a father, a son, a husband.  I feel awful for those left behind. I can’t imagine myself in that situation.

Even though we haven’t seen each other or talked in so long, there’s a bond developed among small town kids.  I’m sure we all feel the loss to a degree.

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Back when the four-legged monkey was a baby, she ate all of the cushions from our patio furniture.  She also ate socks, trash, and the swimming pool.  Although I’ve been trying to fix up the back porch and yard, the cushions haven’t been replaced.  At this point, it’s not even related to my sense of Cheaptitude.  I haven’t found anything I like. And why invest a significant amount of money in something that doesn’t make me happy happy happy?

Exploring Pinterest was helpful.  People are using all kinds of fabrics to reupholster outdoor cushions.  I saw tablecloths, shower curtains, vintage linens.  So many creative and pretty options! I have tons of cool fabric!

I don’t have any cushions left to reupholster.

So my next thought was to make cushions and stuff them.  Problem? Waterproofing. How can I make pretty cushions that I like that are waterproof?

Shower curtain liner.

When I replace a liner, I run the old one through the washing machine to be repurposed. 


My plan is coming together.

I kind of estimated how much “material” I’d need, trimmed it down, and sewed 2.5 edges.  The sewing actually puts holes in the plastic, so I covered the seams with duct tape.  Yup, I could’ve saved a step!


Then, I gathered my stuffing.  I had some polyfil from the craft store, the leftovers of a pillow the 4 legged monkey ate, and old bed pillows.  I didn’t need it super stuffed, just enough for an outdoor cushion.



After stuffing, I sealed the last side.

I’ve not made the cover yet, but have it planned in my head.  It’s going to be an envelope case, easy on and off for cleaning.  I’m so excited for my outdoor living space to be more livable!

What’s your latest outdoor project?

~ Katie

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