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I cannot believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything! And my last blog was about underwear. Go figure. Crazy year.

So last week I hit the big 4-0.  My Grizz did an amazing job planning a party for me, with lots of help from our friends.  I can’t give enough credit.  Great night at Good Times!

It was also the beginning of Spring Break.  SuperNana and Vettey gave me shoe money (tired of my overuse of Gorilla Glue) and I ended up with some cute ones – especially knowing how hard it is to find size 11!

Granny-at-the-Farm gave me money as well, with instructions to purchase rain boots. Of course, in the spirit of cheaptitude, I consulted my handy dandy friend Google and came up with these:


Mind you, I am not a fan of animal print, but I really just need them for the parking lot at work.

I ordered them from Target, and had them shipped to the store to save money.  Today I had to pick them up. Since I was crossing the river, I decided to use up the rest of a Belk gift card, and supplement with birthday money.  Again, my cheaptitude kicked in.  I am all about a 50% off rack.  And I found a gorgeous little sweater, 50% off the already marked down price!


(Btw, that’s not me)

When I got home, I realized I made a mistake.  See, I try on shoes and jeans, but I know my size in everything else.  Or I think I do. 

I made a decision a year ago to stop eating like a 12 year old and live a healthier lifestyle. I fluctuate between 30 and 40 pounds lost.  And while I know the number on the scale has dropped, I also know I need to tone what’s left.


SoboMama & Jeepnmom 1992

I’m in the teal – 10th grade. How cute is Jeepnmom??


SoboMama April 2014

2 years ago, April.

I don’t really see the difference in my appearance till I look at pictures.  And the changes are just as internal as external but I need to realize that I can’t just grab something off the rack anymore.

This is me on my birthday.  Top was ordered from Amazon.  I had to guess at a size and did better with an online order than in person.

Are you able to shop without trying things on?

~ sbm


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