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{October 18, 2017}   Of Butthurt and Billiards

I’ve been playing pool for almost a year now, but I’ve been watching for a few years.  Grizzly, his brother-in-law, his sister, many of our friends all play.  For me, it gives me something to do with my husband.  I’m not good, at all, (comfortable 1 in 9 ball and 2 in 8) but I have a good time. And I’ve gotten to know some really fun, really wonderful people.

And I win occasionally.  And I like it when I win.  But I’m not that competitive.  I really don’t care about going to Vegas in August.  Pool, for me, is entertainment and a way to unwind.  It’s definitely stress relief.

My Facebook feed has been flooded today by butthurt pool players and their significant others.  And, not breathing pool, I just don’t get it.  Apparently there was a big tournament out of town and our local people were up against “severely underhandicapped” players.  Seriously?

Sweet Grizz has been a 4 forever in 9 ball and fluctuates between a 3 and a 5 in 8 ball.  He’s constantly called a “sandbagger,” someone who loses on purpose to maintain handicap.  So if people in our region do this, than it makes sense for people outside our region to be guilty as well, right?  Except I know what Grizz does.  He can do things he “shouldn’t know” because he’s played for years with amazing upper handicaps.  He gets bored and experiments with the balls and what they’ll do on the table, testing his own skill.  And he enjoys his adult beverages.  I explain my theory on the regular to a lot of gripey players.  It’s not sandbagging.  It’s creating a new challenge.

I think my Grizzly is a pretty smart man, but no way is he Einstein.  And if he’s figured all this out, couldn’t people in other places?  For that matter, couldn’t it happen here, just with players being a little more slick about it?  Let me start listing names…just kidding.

I commend Fluteman’s Girl for being so defensive of her man – I’m the same way.  But losing in a tournament isn’t affecting his reputation here.  Let it go already.  Don’t get so butthurt over a game.


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