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In the early, NoBo, kiddo-free days of my marriage, my husband and I discovered Pizza Pizza.  There was a Little Caesar’s right by the grocery by our house, and for $8 we could get 2 pizzas, providing our dinner as well as lunches for a few days.  It was lovely. It was filling. It was cheap.

Once we moved to South Bossier, our dining choices became more limited.  First, we had two monkeys and not as much money.  Also, there weren’t many options in our part of town. A diner,  McDonald’s, and a few other fast food options, but nothing too exciting.  Especially since I didn’t care to cross the bridge to Shreveport often.

Our part of town is developing, though, and with more residents comes more shopping and food.  Most exciting for the House of Cheaptitude was when a new shopping center opened less than a mile away and the first store? Little Caesar’s.

A basic pizza had gone up to $5, but they had a great family meal deal, and we started getting these on a regular basis. 

Grizzly and I ran to Caesar’s a few weeks back because we were out of dinner ideas and wanted something quick and easy for dinner.  It was the night of the Homecoming parade and maybe we weren’t the only ones with that plan, but….

1. No more family meal deal. That was the first disappointment.
2. We sat for more than 45 minutes, waiting for a pepperoni pizza and a cheese pizza. Several people came in, visited with the lady behind the counter, got their pizzas, and left in this time.
3. When we got home, our “cheese” pizza was sausage. Monkey #2 and I picked off pepperoni.

I’ll give a restaurant another chance, because anyone can have an off shift. Unfortunately, our Caesar’s has not improved. I’ve actually placed my pretzel crust orders ahead of time and not had any better luck.

Little Caesar’s is now at the bottom of our list of “fast” food choices. Due to poor customer service and value, I’ll give them a score of 1.5 on a scale of 1 to 5.

What is your favorite go to when you need a night off? Have you been extra disappointed in a fast food restaurant?

~ Katie

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