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{April 4, 2015}   Aging Less Than Gracefully

I know people who dread birthdays.  They lie about their age, color their hair, shop in teeny bopper stores to feel younger. They know the newest music, fashion, dance moves. They want to be 20 forever.

20 was a great year for me, but that’s not me.

Monkey #2 tells people I’m 23 and I don’t correct her.  My students ask my age and I tell them not to be rude.  But apart from that?  It’s not a big deal.

I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago.  I turned 39 – the big four-oh is looming.  I find new gray hairs daily.  I get reminders for mammograms and catalogs from companies for the “mature” woman.  My doc says I probably should get more exercise. I probably should be flipping out.

I’m not. Pioneer Woman tells me things get better at 40 and I believe her.  Is there a little more hell to pay for too many adult beverages?  Do I have to work a little harder to not have that Snickers bar take up residence on my thighs?  Yes indeedy do, neighbor.  Is it worth it? Yes.

I’m relatively healthy.  Monkey #2 thinks my gray is beautiful and calls it tinsel – like a Christmas tree? I still wake up every morning, full of plans and ideas and life to live.

And that’s why I’m OK with growing older. And I don’t worry about being graceful.  Every day is a day to celebrate another day on this earth.  I’d rather age than deal with the alternative.

How do you feel about growing older?

~ Katie

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