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{April 9, 2015}   On to New Adventures!

When I went to my family doc on March 29, I was very disappointed in myself.  More specifically, my weight.

Weight has been a struggle my entire life.  I remember being a size 22 at one point in high school.  I lost a lot of that weight in college and seemed to settle in comfortably around a 14/16, with a few fluctuations (a month of slim fast for Yo-Yo’s wedding when my dress was a size 8?? Two pregnancies. And so on.)

So when I realized how much I’d gained over the course of the past year, I decided it was time to do something about it.  And if I’m unhappy, I’m the only one who can fix it.

Problem #1: I really enjoy food. Especially Rolos. Milk chocolate is food, right?
Fix #1: watch my portions more closely.   

Problem #2: I really love my colas. Caffeine in general, but a good coca-cola in specific.
Fix #2: drink more coffee for the caffeine fix. Switch to water. Something!

Problem #3: the queen here does not run, do push ups, etc. Her Highness, in fact, doesn’t like to sweat.
Fix #3: plastic surgery?

One of my teacher friends told me about a program our insurance is offering for those with high risk of Type 2 diabetes. Boy, should I qualify! Health issues in my family along with my unhealthy 12 year-old habits? Put me in, Coach!

The Prevent program is the brainchild of Omada Health. The Core program is a 16 week program, with a health coach, support group, and weekly lessons. They provide some kind of equipment, as well. I like the idea of the accountability!

** Update 7/27/15 **

It’s been a busy summer! I’ve been accepted into the Prevent program and am currently in the final quarter of the Core. I’ve weighed in daily (sometimes several times!), am logging everything that goes in my mouth (much to Car Guy’s unending amusement), and am walking 3-5 miles each day. I’m drinking at least 95 ounces of water each day. I’ve also started some of the challenges from and set up my Skinny Binder, with everything from tracking sheets to recipes to motivation – you name it!

4 months ago my weight had me in tears. Today, I’m 27 pounds lighter, and have lost 4 inches in each of my target areas. My BMI is in the healthy range!

Did I go on a diet? No. I eat the same crockpot, comfort foods i love, with the occasional new recipe thrown in. But I keep up with proper portions and track calories in the MyFitnessPal app. I rarely drink a soda now and Rolos? Forget about it. But if I eat a cookie, it’s not the end of the world.

I didn’t expect much when I started this back in April. I’ve been pleasantly surprised! And now that I’ve started, I’m not ready to stop.


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Spring Break has arrived!  Woo hoo!  Back to basics – and the binder.


The next section focuses on health and fitness.  In my management binder, this section is a hodge-podge of all health, diet, and fitness related junk.

English: Road rash first aid kit.

English: Road rash first aid kit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


One of the first things I keep in this section is a first aid checklist.  I feel like every home should have at least one first aid kit!  I know Jeepnmom, with her house full of Y-chromosomes, has many.  Right now, I have a drawer in the kitchen.  While it was a placement of opportunity, it’s worked out really well.  Most of Monkey #2’s “bo-bo’s” happen out in front  of the house and since we come in through the garage all the time, the kitchen drawer is a great place for the band aids and such.  The next step is to build kits for the vehicles and garage.


After this, I have a medicine cabinet checklist.  Just like the pantry, there are certain staples that have to be in my medicine cabinet.  For example, I have to have adult and kid strength pain meds.  Thankfully, we’ve pretty much moved past the syrup stage, using meltaways and sprinkles for many of our cough, cold, and achey baby remedies.


I keep a medical information sheet on each family member, including the four-legged beastie.  I include their basic statistics, allergies, doctor  and hospital info, etc.  Any I also have medical authorization forms, which is a good thing if a grandparent happens to have to deal with a monkey medical emergency. Every time we add an activity to our schedules, see a new doctor, or start a school year, I’m bombarded with medical information requests – who remembers what year the monkeys had their adenoids out?  It’s a good idea to keep a list, I’ve discovered.


A prescription drug record is helpful.  We don’t have a lot of maintenance medications in the House of Cheaptitude, but we do have some.  This way, we know who has what meds at what pharmacy.  I do include the prescription numbers, pharmacy name, and phone number to the pharmacy.  Dosing schedule (aka Medication Administration Record) could be kept here if necessary.  Another good thing to have here would be a list of what/when/how to dispose of unused, outdated meds.  Your pharmacist is a fabulous resource for this.



Every year, when our health insurance undergoes a change, the company sends out a book of stuff.  I guess they call it a directory.  I call it the “sorry, your poop isn’t covered” book.  I hole punch it and put it in this section for easy reference – to see what doctor I can’t visit this time.  I also photocopy our insurance cards so that we have all of the pertinent information if we need to call for any reason.


Pet Health Records:  Our fuzzy family members have health care, too.  I keep the monkey buddy’s shot schedule, vet info, and prescription info on a sheet in the Health & Fitness section.  I also keep contact info and hours for the emergency vet (yes, we’ve had that drama with previous pets) on hand.


For the fitness part of this equation, I have some different exercise schedules and magazine clippings of exercises I might try sometime.  I’d like to get a pedometer and track my walking, since that is the only real exercise I actually get around to.


Other things to include in this section might be:


  • diet trackers: Every once in a while, my sweet doctor tries to put the Grizzly on a diet.
  • gym membership:  This section is a great place to keep membership info, class schedules, gym hours, etc.
  • blood pressure record
  • sugar tracker for those with diabetes
  • emergency directory


What do you think?  Is this a helpful section or not so much?


~ Katie



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