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Organizers. I love them. I use them. I re-use them. And I’ve found some neat things in the years before Pinterest.

When I was a newlywed and doing shift work, Aunt YoYo and I lived in the dollar stores. Dollar General, Fred’s, Family Dollar – the cashiers knew us by name and we knew when “truck day” was. Occasionally, we might splurge and go to Wal Mart. Rugs, runners, dishes, pictures. My first house was carefully decorated in NASCAR and early dollar store.

One of those early purchases is still in my house. It’s a little wooden shelfy thing with pegs underneath. I’ve not kept anything on the cubby shelves since moving almost 7 years ago, but those 3 little pegs have been overloaded with keys.

While decluttering the utility room, I decided this little thing was not fitting my new vision. Monkey 2 gladly took it to her room and I began gathering ideas on Pinterest.

I loved the ideas I kept seeing of picture frames with cup hooks. And I always have oodles of frames. It would have to be multifunctional, and go with the rest of my “decor.”

I found a frame whose glass was gone. Broken? Repurposed? Who knows. I cleaned it up and added cup hooks to the bottom. Hint: a drill would’ve come in really handy at this point!

I decided this would be great as a reminder to put things in the mail, etc. so I used scrapbook paper covered in frosted contact paper to create a pocket. Grocery lists, reminders, etc. fit perfectly. I also covered clothespins and added them to the sides to hold outgoing mail. I didn’t need two, but my CDO required the symmetry.


And since we are in the south, and I wasn’t doing a family picture or anything, I used one of my leftover vinyl letters to “monogram” it. Above you see the finished product.

No more lost keys or forgetting to out the mail out! It fits really well in the little space by the back door in my utility room. It matches my sock board, so my utility room is starting to have a color scheme. I’m really pleased with the way it looks and works so far.

How do you handle your out the door routine?

~ Katie

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