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Recipe Card 8

Recipe Card 8 (Photo credit: thepeachmartini)

As I try out recipes that work, I’ll attempt to share them on here.  Some of my tried and true meals are family hand-me-downs, but I’m often experimenting with and modifying recipes that I find online, in cookbooks, or from my Bunco Babes.  I will probably even share my fails, because you can learn something from everything in life.

My oven is, and has been, on the fritz for a long time, so I rely on my stove top, my microwave, and my glorious crockpots for most things.  Particularly in the summer, my DH is the SoBo King of the Grill – thank goodness, because I hate to cook when it is hot and would force my family to live on cereal during the summer.

I have Pinterest boards dedicated to different recipes and meal plans, but I promise, I haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to actually making  them.  Those I have, if they work, I get a little old-fashioned and record them on note cards to keep in a recipe box.  I do the same thing with favorite recipes from cook books and magazines.  I like the option of pulling out the cards when I’m writing out a plan for the week, the month, or whatever, and build a grocery list. I’m a weird combo of learning styles.

Today is one of those crazy days, but I may try to upload my menu plan and some of the recipes later this weekend.  For my menu, I used a blank calendar (hard copy!) and a pencil so I can change it up as needed, but I want to create a form and a file so that I can re-use it if it works well.

Maybe between birthday parties, Bunco, holiday stuff, and family time, I’ll have some free time to do it.  And maybe my menu plan will fit someone else’s style, too.  We’ll just have to see.



Update:  I transferred my basic menu plan to an Excel sheet so that I can share it.  Let me know what you think!

General Menu Plan


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